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No matter where you rent your vehicle in the world, our goal is to make your entire travel experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.


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Specializing in international car rentals in countries all over the world, when you book online with us, you can compare rates, ratings and more from our pre-screened list of the most reputable international auto rental companies. Whether you're looking for a luxury vehicle in Milan, a private chauffeur service in Paris or any one way car rental in Europe, we can help make your travel experience convenient and affordable, leveraging over 60 years of know-how and expertise with international rental cars in Europe and around the world.

Rent a Luxury Car | Centre Holidays

Luxury Car Rentals

Make the most of your European getaway and treat yourself to the best in style, comfort and automotive engineering. Auto Europe offers the ability to rent a variety of luxury vehicles which range from high-end, exotic cars to nimble sports cars and affordable executive luxury-class models designed with your comfort and safety in mind.

Whether you're taking a family vacation, are travelling for business, or are planning an extended stay and want to enhance your trip with one of the best, safest and most fun-to-drive vehicles available, you can trust us to arrange your luxury car rental in Europe.

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Rent a Convertible | Centre Holidays


Whether you're travelling to Europe for the first time, or you visit regularly, we want to encourage you to consider renting a luxury convertible for your upcoming trip. There's something to be said for indulging and if you're going to be driving through Europe you may as well experience as much of it as you possibly can. Put the top down on your luxury cabrio rental and welcome the European sun, the fresh air and enjoy the close proximity to the most beautiful monuments found anywhere in the world.

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Rent an SUV or 4x4 | Centre Holidays

SUV and 4x4 Rentals

Rent the luxury SUV of your dreams and enjoy enhanced safety, more room and the best available amenities and creature-comforts during your trip. From BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover & More, we are proud to offer you the best selection of luxury 4x4 and Sport Utility Vehicle rentals.

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Rent a Van | Centre Holidays

Van Rentals

We understand that sometimes a van rental is helpful and convenient when you travel abroad. Renting a van on your next trip will allow you to accomplish a variety of tasks that would be extremely difficult if not impossible without the additional space. From transporting extra luggage, to driving around a large group of people, there are numerous circumstances when the extra room a van rental provides is a necessity.

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Rent a Luxury Van | Centre Holidays

Luxury Van Rentals

There's something to be said for comfort and when you rent a luxury van in Europe you'll enjoy the luggage space, legroom and convenience that a larger vehicle affords. Driving a van during your trip to Europe is actually one of the most popular options, which is probably why these large, comfortable vehicles sell-out early each year so if you're considering a luxury van rental for your upcoming trip make sure that you reach out to us immediately so you don't miss out on the best available deal.

We offer luxury van rentals and people-carrier rentals in most major cities in Europe and if you can't find what you're looking for online, please contact us.

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Rent an Exotic Car | Centre Holidays

Exotic Car Rentals

At this point you have already decided that an exotic car rental in Europe will be the perfect way to add the finishing touches to your ultimate vacation. It doesn't get much better than traveling abroad and exploring the many rich cultural histories in Europe, but the addition of an exotic car will propel your trip from a "fun vacation" into "dream vacation" status.

The question becomes a fun one: which dream car will you choose? Good news: the options are limitless! We offer an incredible selection of exotic car rentals. We can put you behind the wheel of your dream exotic car, anywhere in the world. From Buggati Veyron's to Maclaren MP4-C's... if you can name it, we can make your dream drive a reality!

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Rent a Motorcycle | Centre Holidays

Motorcycle Rentals

When you rent a motorcycle in the USA you can head out to Las Vegas and learn for yourself why it is known as 'Sin City.' Las Vegas has a number of awesome casinos that you can enjoy, as well as biker clubs and motorcycle events. No motorcycle trip is complete without a ride up to California, where you can enjoy gorgeous, pristine beaches, awesome palm trees and delightful valleys. You will not want to miss out on a trip to Missouri, the 'Show Me' state. Driving from California to Missouri will provide you with many great scenic routes and attractions that you will not want to miss. There's also plenty to discover in Missouri, as well as scenic countryside. Make your way through Tennessee's, and stop and say howdy in Nashville. Continue travelling and you can visit Florida, where beaches are plentiful and the fun is alive and plentiful for all ages. The USA has something for everyone who wants to have a good time exploring via motorcycle.

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Rent an RV | Centre Holidays

Motorhome Rentals

Travelling by car and staying in hotels and bed & breakfasts is a great way to go, but when you really want to get to know a place, renting a motorhome in Europe is tough to beat.

These days, lots of travellers are foregoing staying in hotels for vacationing by motorhome, and there are plenty of great reasons that RV vacations are becoming so popular.

One of the most often cited reasons for this growing trend is pure economics. But, while travelling by RV is certainly a great value, dollars and cents are not the only motivating factor in the recent uptick in European motorhome rentals and campsite reservations.

When you rent a motorhome in Europe, Australia, New Zealand or other exciting destinations around the world, you'll have the opportunity to experience parts of your destination that those who travel by automobile often miss. Plus, there's no need to check in, and you don't need to set an alarm to make sure you don't sleep through checkout time. In a camper van, you'll explore the world at your own pace.

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